Closing of the KS Model Program

As of 10/15/2016, the KS Model program will be closed indefinitely.  

We’re very sorry to have to do this, but we simply do not have the time or the staff to bring the KS Model program to the heights we wanted to.  It was agreed within the company that the program should not exist if we cannot give it the attention and the dedication it deserves.

Through the model program, we tried our best to give KittenPlay, as well as PetPlay, the best representation we possibly could.  However we fell short on multiple goals and promises.  We are not going to require high quality work and photographs from our models if we are unable to hold ourselves to the higher standards we expect from them.

We apologize that we could not run the program the way we had hoped.  Throughout 2016 we tried to take as many steps as we could to meet each promise we had set.   Closing applications earlier this year, creating a new website with blogs, Instagram, Twitter, and tumblr were all things we tried our best to focus on but to no avail.  In the end, we unfortunately have to set our focus on our company, and have no desire to run a model program that is hardly updated, has too many models to manage efficiently, or is not given the proper attention it deserves.

We do not believe the program was a failure, as you can see from the volume of work that came out of it viewable on the KS Models Archive page.  Many kittens and pets from all of the world expressed interest in joining the program or let us know what an inspiration the program had been.

In the end we tried our best to show off not only our gear, but also that any kitten or pet no matter age, location, size, or gender could be a model.  To this day, this is something we still believe.  Modeling is about the confidence you find inside yourself, the way you hold yourself, and the work and practice you put into every shot.

Thank you for all of your support, and the future support you show not only our company but each of the former KS Models in their future endeavors.  We wish the best of luck to each and every one of them.