About KS Showcase

KS Showcase is just a site that we created to highlight those who love showing off our gear!  No matter if the pictures are from Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, or Facebook.  We want to bring the best pictures, videos, and any other media that might come about on here with all of you!

This site is also the new home for KS Kitten of the Week.  We believe that we have finally found the right place for the weekly contest, and can’t wait to see what comes about from it.  Make sure to check the page to see how to enter, and how you can win!

We do not claim any pictures as our own on this site that come from others, and we will credit every picture we place on this site.  If your picture shows up on this site, and you would like it taken down, please email us right away at showcase@kitten-sightings.com and we will remove it at once.