Welcome to the weekly KittenSightings competition: KSKittens!

This contest was put together to highlight those who love to wear our gear and show everyone online.  We wanted to give back to those who take so much time to wear, take pictures, and love the gear we make.



Every Monday a new group of 6 pets will be picked by looking through Instagram, tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook for pictures tagged with #kittensightings and #kskittens.  From that point, it’s up to you.  The pet that receives the most votes by Sunday at 11:59 PM Eastern US time will be declared that weeks KSKitten of the week, complete with winning picture and certificate!



As an added bonus, everyone who enters their email when they vote will be entered into a drawing to win that weeks voter prize!  At the end of each week, we will random select an email to win.  So make sure to check back every week to vote for your favorite pet!!

This Week's Competitors!

Congratulations to this weeks KSKitten of the week!

kitten.guinevere on Instagram!

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The winner of this week's KSKitten of the Week will receive a $10 KS gift card!

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